Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, September 24, 2009



We as humans tend to judge people by the title that, they carry such as Doctor’s Lawyers, Commanders for there Police Department and so.

In my last 27 years of my adult life, I witness how other people of God would judge, crucified and belittle others who are less fortune.

I watched and listen how my own son’s were told time and time again that they would not amount to anything. I am blessed with two wonderful sons and a daughter!

Just recently, I was addressed by my ex husbands step mother who, I have the up most respect for as that Puerto Rican Girl, was it difficult for her to address me by my name or was it beyond her standards?

Why do many feel that, they have the right to disrespect others because of the title they hold? When the time comes for all of us to go home, it will not matter to our GOD what title you held! We are all children of GOD.

So, to those who feel that, they are above others because of your life style or your titles humble thyself. We must be a positive example to all people no matter what color of skin or the language that we speak.

GOD has blessed me with grandchildren. My grandbabies will know that, no matter the color of their skin or the language that, they speak. They are children of GOD and they loved.

God bless all my wonderful family and friends.


Rosa Torres-Sadler